After many years in the hospitality industry as General Manager of several upscale resorts all over the country, I am aware of the expectations of clients: clean, updated, inviting, clutter-free, and most importantly, your space has to have a purpose and appeal to that TARGET market. The same applies to home buyers. They need to see your warm and inviting home as their “new home” and this is accomplished with proper and effective staging. Home staging is much more than cleaning and adding décor. It is creating a space that reflects the lifestyle of your target buyer. That may be a first time home buyer, a couple that is downsizing from a big home to a smaller one level, an extended family with an in-law suite or a young professional looking for a trendy city loft. Understanding the lifestyle of your target buyer and then merchandising the spaces to touch the senses of that buyer is what we focus on.

Through my experience in the hospitality industry, then working as a home stager with New England Home Staging for three years, I have gained valuable experience in meeting the needs of home sellers. I have earned a reputation as a creative, innovative, and client-focused designer with an excellent understanding of identifying, addressing and resolving organizational needs.

Launching my new company StagedWorks® in January of 2012 is the next phase of building my personal brand. StagedWorks® mission is to work with and educate, Realtors®, homesellers, home builders and real estate investors on how to market their properties in order to bring in that home buyer, quickly and receive top dollar for their home.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Brenda Douglas -- Lead Designer & Owner


Homeowners, Realtors® and real estate investors partner with StagedWorks to make their home stand out from their competition. They want to receive asking price and to sell quickly. In order to achieve these goals, StagedWorks creates the lifestyle of that targeted buyer for that home.

When you show the home in the way the “buyer” envisions it, versus how the “seller” envisions it, you are now marketing and attracting more buyers, more offers, a quicker sale.

Staging is about marketing your investment to the largest number of buyers as possible.

StagedWorks has a complete in-house inventory of current trendy furnishings and décor that are ready to be brought to your home. We specialize in home staging for vacant properties and décor packages for occupied homes.

Home Consultations are for the home sellers that need advice on how to show their home to the buying public. We have a proven system of where to begin, what to focus on and how to make this whole process streamlined and stress-free.

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